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Card messages

A India Florist - Send Flowers to India Florists India Floral ...Christmas new year gifts
Leading online florists send flowers to India. Online floral gifts shop gifts cakes, floral blooms and flower blossoms delivery all over India at low prices.Send Flowers to India, Gifts to India, Cakes to India, Same day ...
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Anniversary Card Messages

I hope that a relationship that started with cookies, a fishing trip, and a turtle can always stay pure and simple. It's still fun to flirt with you. I can always depend on you to laugh just when I give up trying to make you. I love you.
Happy Anniversary to the person who makes it happy.
It has been another year. Time flies when you're having fun. Happy Anniversary!
Once a year seems too rare to tell you how much you mean to me. You mean a lot!
I appreciate your love, understanding, listening, humor, flexibility and energy. I know loving me is hard work. Happy anniversary!
Today is an awesome day to acknowledge how awesome it is to have you as my (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend).
I love having you as my (wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend). You are a blessing from God. Happy Anniversary!
When I'm around you, I know that I can totally be myself. You are the only person I can say that about. Thank you for accepting me.
I know neither of us are perfect. We will always have that in common. Thanks for being o.k. with that.
The years get faster and faster. Maybe that is because I'm having more and more fun with you. Happy Anniversary!
I am glad that I am able to share my life with you. This anniversary marks another year of our lives that we have been blessed with. Happy anniversary!
I am glad that you let me be myself. I don't know that I could do that with anyone else without them thinking I am crazy. Maybe I am a little crazy.
Happy Anniversary to someone I can talk to, laugh with, cry with, and cause some trouble with.
Another year down, many more to go! Happy Anniversary.

General Birthday Messages
If you don't want to go with a funny birthday message, you can use one of these more serious and sincere messages.
I hope that you have a wonderful __ birthday. May your celebration with all your family and friends be wild and fun.
Happy Birthday! I am glad that you were born __ years ago.
Your life has been a blessing to many people. That's why I like to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday! To one of the nicest people I know, who gets better and better with age.
I hope you have a great day today. Celebrate because it's your birthday!
Happy birthday to a great friend. I like your birthday because without it, I would not have such a great friend. Have an awesome birthday!
You have been a great blessing to those you encounter. Happy birthday!

Father's Day Messages for Cards
Use these examples of Father's Day card messages to help you know how word your special message to your dad this Father's Day.
'Dad, Happy Father's day. I don't know where to begin thanking you for all that you have done for me. You brought me into the world, watched out for me, taught me, laughed with me, and spent a lot of time with me. Thanks for being the best dad I could ask for.'
'Happy Father's day, to a dad who loved me enough to teach me some tough lessons so my life would be easier later on.'
'Dad, I can't imagine what my life would be like without your presence. You have provided me a stability in my life that you can't put a price on.'
'Father's Day is just one day of the year you get appreciated for being on call for me every day of the year. Thanks for being there and helping me when I need help.'
'Dad, you have been on of my greatest influences in life. You have taught me many things, and the most important thing you have taught me is how to live a life of character.'
'I went to the card store to buy you a funny Father's Day card, but I couldn't find one that made fun of a negative stereotype that you do. You must be a lot better than most people's dads. Thanks.'
'Dad, I think God knew what he was doing when he chose you as my dad. He knew that it would take someone patient, wise, and loving to raise me. Happy Father's day.'
'Daddy, thank you for doing fun things with me. I love you.'
'Happy Father's Day, to an awesome dad who should win a Nobel Peace Prize for putting up with me.'
'Dad, you are my hero and my role model. Thanks for being there and being a great example.'
'Dad, at some point you have become my friend and one of the smartest people I know. Maybe you were always my friend, but you had to wait until I was mature enough to appreciate you.'
'Happy Father's Day to a father who is really grand. You're my grand father.'

Mother's Day Card Messages
Mom, I can't begin to thank you for all the things you have done for me. You have supported and encouraged me my entire life. Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day, to the greatest mom I could ask for.
God has blessed me with an awesome mother. Even though I know you are not perfect, I haven't been either. Thanks for all you have done. Happy Mother's Day.
Mom, you have protected me, taught me, encouraged me, and accepted me the way I am. You are more than just mom to me. Happy Mother's Day.
Thanks for putting up with me all these years. Only a mother could do what you do. Happy Mother's Day
Society couldn't exist without moms. So we all owe our mother's a lot.
Happy Mother's Day, to a loving, selfless, hard working mom.

Examples of Valentine's Day Card Messages
When I think of Valentine's Day, the first thing that comes to mind is you. Thanks for being my Valentine.
Valentine's Day is only once a year, but I love you 365 days a year. Happy February 14th.
I am glad I get to spend Valentine's Day with you. You make Valentine's Day fun.
You are and always will be my best friend, lover, and my Valentine.
The way you treat me makes me feel like it is Valentine's day every day. Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day.
I am supposed to write you a message in this card to tell you how I feel, but I don't think words could describe the love I have for you.
The candy, flowers, and jewelry are just symbols of the sweetness, beauty, and value of you. Happy Valentine's Day.
You bring me happiness when I feel low, and you give me love when I don't feel lovable. Thanks for loving me for who I am. You are the best Valentine.
Valentine's day is a good excuse for me to tell you what I should tell you every day. I love you and appreciate you.
Valentine's day can be a tough day for people without a special someone. Thank you for making Valentine's Day easy on me.

Thank you card messages don't have to be as difficult as rocket science. You can use a simple formula to write them. Here's a general format for a sympathy message that works well.
Your reaction to the gift. 'I love the new shirt you gave me for my birthday'
Praise the giving person. 'You are thoughtful and know my taste well.'
Your feelings about the person. 'I am blessed to have an aunt like you.'
Close with a simple thank you message. 'I appreciate the shirt and I know I will enjoy wearing it. Thank you'

Wedding Card Messages
The following are general wedding message you can use for your card. These are more sincere and meaningful than the following funny messages.
'May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.'
'Here's to success in your new titles, bride, groom, husband, wife, and any more you will pick up over the years together.'
'I am wishing you the best of things in your marriage. I am confident that you two will be a blessing to each other and those who you meet along your journey.'
'I am glad to be a part of your wedding day, and I am looking forward to seeing what comes from you two.'
'Congratulations, and thank you for letting us be part of your special day.'
'We are praying that God guides you in your new adventure. May God pour out blessings on you two.'
'Marriage is a chance to be an example of the love that our creator has shown us.'
'We are so sorry we can't be at your wedding. May God bless you both.'

New House Card Messages
These are examples of what you might write in a housewarming card to congratulate someone on the purchase of a new home.
We're really proud of you for getting that home that you have been dreaming of getting. We hope you enjoy the new house. Congratulations!
Congratulations! We hope your new home provides you years of enjoyment and a peaceful retreat from the rest of the busy world.
Your new house looks like the perfect place to raise a family. Congratulations on your smart purchase. It will be a good place for you guys.
Congratulations on the new address, the new house, and all of the other experiences that you will have as a homeowner.
We're praying that God will bless you with the house that you bought and that God will use you guys to be a blessing to your neighbors.
If you ever need to borrow any tools to do work on your new house, just let me know and you can come over and borrow it. If I have time, I'll even help you do some of the wok.
You've bought such a beautiful house. I can tell that you guys have great taste and that you really thought things through before making your decision.
Now that you have a big empty house, maybe you guys can fill it up with children… Just a suggestions, no pressure.
People used to say that once you have bought a house, you have really made it successfully in life. Even though I don't think home ownership is as much of a high status thing as it used to be, you have proved that you have 'made it' through your character and your actions. Congratulations on the new house anyway.
We're glad that you didn't move too far away because we are still planning on hanging out with you guys. Congratulations. See you soon!
I know people say that a house is just a house and the people in the house make it a home, but you guys have a beautiful home and a beautiful house. Congratulations!
We were happy to hear that you are 'moving on up.' We are wishing you continued success and happiness in your new house.
They say that real estate is all about location, location, locations. You got a house in a great location, and it's a pretty house. Congratulations!
Congratulations on buying a new castle. We hope all is well in the kingdom, and that God will bless the royal family. Long live the King and the Queen. I'm looking forward to hearing good news about an heir to the throne.

Sympathy Messages

When someone dies, you may be at a loss for words
Use these sympathy card message examples for cards when you need to give a thoughtful, sincere, message. Sympathy card messages for a death of a loved one can be the most difficult to write.
I am sorry about your loss. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
My deepest sympathies are with you and your family at this time of grieving.
Please accept my deepest condolences. I am praying for strength and comfort for you at this time.
It's difficult to lose someone close to us. If there is any way I can make things easier for you please let me know. Expect me to call and check on you in the next week.
I am praying for you to get through this time with peace that comes from the knowledge that God loves you and will take care of you.
I am sending you this card to let you know that I am thinking of you. Sorry for your loss.














































































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Send Flowers to: Vadodra, Vadodara Valsad, Vapi , Varanasi, Vellore, Vijaywada, Vijayanagaram (Dist) ( Saluru, Chipurupalli, Vijayanagaram, Bhogapuram, Uttarapalli, Srumgavarapukota Naguru, Parvathipuram, Bebbuli, Terlam, Gajapathi Nagaram, Sathivada. ), Virudanagar, Visakhapatnam (Dist) ( Bhimunipatnam, Visakhapatnam, Pemdurthi, Paderu, Madugula, Chodavaram, Anakapalli, Paravada, Yalamamchali, Payakaraopet, Chimthapalli, Narsipatnam),Vizag, Vizianagaram. Vasai  Vasco Vashi  Vidhyanagar Virudachalam .

Send Flowers to: Warangal (Dist) (Cheryala, Janagam, Ghanapur, Hanmakonda, Sayampeta, Parakala Chennuru, Dornakal, Mahabubabad, Narsampeta, Vardhannapeta, Waramgal, Mulugu.), West Godavari (Dist), (Narasapuram, Achamta, Bhimavaram, Umdi, Penugomda, Tanuku, Atthili, Tadepalligudem, Umguturu, Demduluru, Eluru, Gopalapuram. Kovvur, Polavaram, Chimthalapudi, Palakollu. ) Warangal Wanowari

Send Flowers to: Wanowari , Warangal (Dist) (Cheryala, Janagam, Ghanapur, Hanmakonda, Sayampeta, Parakala Chennuru, Dornakal, Mahabubabad, Narsampeta, Vardhannapeta, Waramgal, Mulugu.) , Whitefield , West Godavari (Dist), (Narasapuram, Achamta, Bhimavaram, Umdi, Penugomda, Tanuku, Atthili, Tadepalligudem, Umguturu, Demduluru, Eluru, Gopalapuram. Kovvur, Polavaram, Chimthalapudi, Palakollu. ) Washin

Send Flowers to: Yamuna nagar, Yanam Yavatmal